Thursday, December 1, 2011

Piano in Paris

Both a disappointment and an inspiration at the same time.  Ahh, dichotomy where would I be without you splitting me in two or three? (trichotomy?  Sure enough it has a Wikipedia entry. . .).  I met some wonderful musicians at Le Chat Noir and a restaurant  in Montmartre but was not able to secure playing time for myself.

 Musée de Montmartre which I thought would be a veritable fountain of Erik Satie information has almost no mention of him. . .hmmmm.  I have a theory it has to do with his love affair with Suzanne Valadon and her (afterwards the affair) husband's ownership of the the building that now houses Musée de Montmartre but that could just be the jet lag talking. . .

At any rate I think there is a interdisciplinary mail art project in there somewhere.  We'll see.

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