Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Started On The Large(ish) Array

Started to build the latest iteration which should allow for 51 NOR circuits.  Maybe less, no point in crowding parts and making it hard to solder.

Here I am moving along to make sure I can fit three rows (two down one to go) before I start building across the protoboard.  The 110 VAC thing is a bit worrisome but I am disciplined about when to power up and test.  The complete assembly will be properly cased to prevent any inadvertent contact with dangerous voltages.

I think I should have enough NOR gates to do a 3 bit up counter.  Here is my latest least number of NOR gates edge triggered D Latch:

The lower circuit is the actual D latch and the upper circuit is "pulse shaper" which conditions the clock to be of short duration.  The pulse shaper should only be required for every four latches which should save on NOR gates.  I am thinking a 3 bit up counter would take about 35 NOR gates.  I will draw one up in the next few days as build and test circuits on the protoboard.  Maybe have something running this weekend.  I should do a video of the edge triggered D latch at least by this weekend.

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