Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cellular Automata Or Something Else?

I put together a "ring" of D Flip Flops with the data input set by XORing nearest neighbors, which seems to me to meet a version of the "Conway's Game of Life" rules:
1. Too many neighbors = off.  In this instance too many neighbors is 2, one on each side
2. No neighbors = off. I this instance no neighbors is no one on either side.
3. Just right = on. One neighbor on either side.

Below is a screen shot of the circuit, including a simple preset and the results of manually clocking through 7 states.  It appears to begin repeating at state 4.

If you are interested in designing a simulating digital logic I highly recommend "Cedar Logic Simulator."
You can get it here for free:

The next step is to do the same thing but with all NOR gates.

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  1. Of course now that I have posted this and look at the sequence of states it does not appear to be obeying the rules as stated or for that matter what I expect XOR gates to do. Hmmmmmm.